Streamlining EV charger planning, deployment and installation

Curo helps public and commercial EV charging sellers and installers to accelerate the deployment process from planning all the way through to installation.

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Why Curo

Your full-stack solution for rapid EV charging deployment

We give EV charging manufacturers, sellers and installers all the tools they need to scale their infrastructure faster and smarter. Curo is the only platform to empower the planning, deployment and installation processes all in one place.

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Minimize planning changes and maximize your ROI

Automatically identify and analyze potential site locations based upon your customized filters and parameters.

Conduct real-time feasibility studies without a site visit including pre-checks for zoning, permitting and a grid impact assessment.

Once planning is complete, generate a customized deployment plan to share for stakeholder comments, all in the Curo platform.

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Close more deals, faster

Leverage your newly created deployment plan to create on-demand permits to satisfy all local, state and national requirements for building, electrical and zoning approvals.

Identify your impact on the grid with local utilities to streamline interconnection and explore methods to negate it.

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Engineered Design

Optimize your commercial and technical design workflow

Collaborate internally to digitally design your charging project based upon practical filters, site constraints and local regulations.

Leverage your completed visual project by engaging and overcoming visual concerns for your customers.

Export an installation ready plan and procurement list to allow for a seamless handoff to the on-the ground team.

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Streamlining EV charger planning, deployment and installation

Streamline every process from planning to installation.
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